Zapped by 2 pm

Hi - I have lived in a different surrounding for the past month and feel absolutely zapped and sucked dry by early afternoon. This hasn't happened in the last year on my own, so I thought I'd ask some fellow AVM-people. Just FYI...I am AVM-free and had my eme (or ever for that matter). Just FYI - I had my emergency crani in late July 2008 and my embo. in late Nov. 2008.

I have to take a 1- to 2-hour nap to get through the rest of the day (usually from 7:30 am to 11/11:30 pm)- it puts a little damper on accomplising and planning stuff not to mention crankiness, but if that's what needs to be done, that's what needs to be done.

Does anyone else have this issue?

Yep, and I don't even have an AVM. Sorry, couldn't help it.

Chari had to nap every day for a long time. If she pushed and skipped the nap, she paid for it later.

Life's short, nap every chance you get, and recover.

Ron, KS

Hi Julie. New surroundings can wear anyone out. Any stress on the home front? Have you talked to a doctor about this change? It could simply be your thyroid is out of whack. Did you know we have a nap sub-group on here…

Funny...I didn't know that there was a nap sub-group, but I'll definitely check it out.

I've had quite a few changes and variables (not to be too scientific) - I thought by now that this change/stress would be gone by now.

I like how I feel when I get up (thankfully), but really hate what an irritated crank-wod that I can be when I wait too long to go off to snooze-ville. And I hear you about pushing it, I did that yesterday for Easter brunch, and I'm definitely paying for it today - it's not like I even had any alcohol - cha!

I have to lay down every afternoon for several hours. My sleep pattern is horrible too.

Yeap. But, I have a few problems from my avm. I'm only good when I first get up. The longer I'm up, the worst I get. I always have to lay down for a while around noon and rest a gain a few hours later. I've learned not to schedule any thing at all. I have tentative ideas of what I want to get done in my day. Sometimes I get them done and sometimes I don't. :) I learned the hard way that if I push myself, then I get a lot worst.

I believe it's one of those things that you need to just listen to your body. When you need to rest - you rest.


I think the key word is "tentative" - I'm part German which the term "tentative" must be borderline-evil =)

I'm learning to go with it...aargh!

Great minds think alike, and weary minds and bodies need rest...that's what I'm going with, anyway.

Jules, I think this problem is one commonality among almost every one of us. I don't nap, but I really should. I have that guilt thing if I nap. Always something to be done around the house. I find that the more I try to do the worse it is. I'm great first think in the morning, so I try to do everything then. Then I end up paying for it around 4 (the witching hour for me). What I tell everyone is to listen to your body. When you're tired, rest. Avoid doing too much at one time. Easter screwed me up too. I was trying to be superwoman making a cheesecake, homemade bread, deviled eggs and then had to go be with family. That's enough to wear me out for the whole next day as well. Keep napping!

Hi julie,
I too can't go without my daily nap - usually after lunch I have my time-out for a rest.
CHANGE in my routine or surroundings is exhausting! In fact we're anticipating a family get-together over the summer & have 'forwarned' my in-laws that I require time-outs, explaining I'm not being unsociable, just a necessity for my brain. ;)

I had my AVM removed 1/13/2012. Naps every day 2-3 hrs. went back to work part time in March. I came home after work to take a nap. I have worked my way back to 9 hr days at work starting yesterday, I am really tired but I need to work. I go to bed at 8pm and get up at 4am. Monday through Friday. I say, if you are tired definately take a nap. I find when I don't get my nap and I get really tired, My speech slows down and I have trouble with words.
My God Bless

Are you in a bad tree pollen area? It is extremely bad this year in Virginia. Everything is covered with green powder. You have to run the windshield washers if you park your car for more than an hour. Even those who have no allergies are struggling from the sheer volume of the "stuff" clogging their membranes. I hope your zapped-ness is due to something as simple and temporary as that!
Mike N

Nope just fine here... lol. (just kidding). It's ok Julie. I had my Craniotomy in '06 and I still need a nap every once in awhile. And yes mom busted her butt for Easter... oh wait a minute ... Bottom line, don't beat yourself up. :J

I know...I just made an egg casserole deal and a pie...and that was the night before!

Just me trying to be the "old" me that they're expecting when talking to others is know what that could only mean...drink a lot of wine =) that or just be my "new" self and expect to see some horror or disappointment...the wine sounds much easier =)

My guilt just gets lowered on the list of my priorities. If I have to sleep, I have no other option.

That and I try to keep my opinions - sometimes quite sarcastic - to myself to avoid any conflict or offend someone.

That's one very good solution: the part about forewarning.

Wow! How do you handle work without sleep? I find that truly inspirational.

You know, the weather where I've been is quite different from where I've been.

I'm in KY right now (northern) - not too far geographically from VA; unsure about the green powder on everything.

Thank you. I guess at this point in my life, no other choices. Need the job for the insurance. I do get almost 8 hrs of sleep at night. I sleep in on weekends when I can. This is all still very new to me and I am not sure what my new normal is yet.
But I say, God Bless anyone that has gone through having an AVM. It totally changes your life.