Your votes?


Most of you know that my 10-year-old has needed three surgeries to remove her AVM (the first surgery was in 2009). This year will be the first since 2009 in which she hasn’t had a craniotomy.

So for those of you who have dealt with this a bit … We have been told that there is a “persistent anteriovenous shunting” but no apparent nidus. The doctors are telling us that my daughter wouldn’t need to be rechecked again for 5-8 years and that there is “very little chance of this bleeding.”

What do you think? To be honest, I am apprehensive. She had a massive bleed that nearly killed her in 2009. I am not sure “very little” is good enough.

Thanks for your opinions,


I would be more confident to have it checked at least once a year. 5 years to me, is wayyyy to long to wait.