Wow that was a miracle 😳

Finally create topic is still around. I haven’t seen it for a while. Sad thing is I will forget where this was, thanks to my wonderful avm. Want I want to know now is how do I reject my badges and all that? Also is there another site about Avms anywhere online?

Hi Alison,

Why do you want to reject your badges? These are simply automated elements of the platform that we use that are there to reflect how often you use the platform, the level of interaction it can see you achieving (and the idea of them really is to encourage you to keep interacting with people). They’re a good thing, trivial perhaps but essentially good.

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On Facebook there are a few AVM groups.
I am part of one for parents of children with AVMs.
I’m sure if you’re on Facebook, and you do a search, you’d be able to find others.