Where this journey on avmsurvivors began

I found the exact email that started this journey on avmsurvivors. I had just graduated high school, wondering what to do with my life. After sometime on here shooting posts here and there. Mrs.Haley and I become acquainted on here about what had just happened to her at this time boyfriend. She was still hopeful of his complete recovery. “He is still the person I fell in love with and no one seems to understand…” Some time goes on. They by this time are engaged, and this is when niki is fronted with her desion to stick it out or leave the man she had just spent a third of her life with, because he had became volatile toward her. Niki where ever you are, however remorse you feel for joe; you aren’t responsible for it. I just recall niki asking me “Jerrod, What could I’ve done, did I do something to enrage joe, could I’ve been a better spouse.” No niki you did everything in your power to love joe and that’s all anyone could ask for”. I hope you are well niki from our lengthy conversations in 2011. God be with you.

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