Where should we go?

I decided I will publish my son's Angiogram, because it seems very complicated and 2 hospitals in Toronto don't want to treat him. I am wondering if someone could suggest something?

The diagnostic catheter angiogram confirms the presence of a developmental venous anomaly of the right frontal lobe. This drains into the internal cerebral veins en route to the vein of Galen and straight sinus. There is no evidence of early arteriovenous shunting. Consistence with his previous laser resurfacing procedure, there does appear to be some venous pooling of contrast over his right forehead, in the midline, this is not associated with early arteriovenous shunting. There is some drainage of this region towards the cavernous sinus, within normal limits.

My son is an adult and he makes his own decisions, but we have a lots of regrets regarding the laser treatment and would like to help.

Your son's situation sounds familiar to me. Is he also "Ontario mom's" son (http://www.avmsurvivors.org/profile/Mom)?

If you can go anywhere in the states, I would suggest you add Robert Spetzler to your consult list. Maybe the Mayo Clinic, too. I'm sure you will get lots of other suggestions.

Thank you for your suggestion. Yes, Ontario Mom is his mother.

I contacted one of the specialist from birthmark.org right away. Thank you Eileen.

Through the Birhmark.org I was suggested by an other doctor to contact Dr Alex Berenstein. Any opinions?

Is Dr Yakes, could he be helpful? This is connected to the brain circulation.