When AVM's make the news...it's in the weird news section of the Huffington Post:/


Edited I fpound the full story on Salon!
http://www.salon.com/2013/01/19/an_orgasm_almost_killed_me/ Actually an interesting read

lol... yeah, that too... Sorry, still laughing.

LOL I just posted a second link, it's the full story lol

Sorry, this phrase made me laugh out loud. "Spanking my monkey into a brain-bleed". I'm sure that he didn't think so at the time of the "Hiroshima in his head", but it is funny now (and good thing the doctor corrected him and said it wasn't caused by his "behavior"). Thanks for sharing. :J

I have to laugh at this too. This could give us a bad reputation.. lol


It sure was a weird news post. Exact that it could happen!

Who wants to do some researce by adding a Discussion to our members?

What were you doing when you had your brain bleed?

He is a member here.

I didn't know he was a member here; it can happen to anyone and if the guy that wrote this reads this thread and its comments, my bad I wasn't trying to make fun...especially since our bleeds have a little something in common;) I thought it was a good read, ironic. It was funny, but serious and I connected, but with a smile.

Kristi, no judgements here. I didn't think you were making fun of him. He mixes humor within his story. He is both informative and entertaining. He has a link to his book listed as well.

Good job on the article (seriously, interesting topic, but great writing)...I also had no idea that he was a member here until Patti told me. Maybe he can comment here. Like Louisa pointed out...stuff happens. :J

Yes he is one of our members. To be honest, it could have happened to any of us. You put a alot of stress on your brain when having an orgasam.

Kristi, You wrote exactly how I felt about the article! Very true, but made me smile!

I just remembered - In 2007, my surgeon warned me that as long as I have the avm. I need to be careful in making love, just for this reason. I think this is an area that we often over look (including myself) how dangerouse this could be for us.

Louisa is right about how much stress it puts on our brain. Our pulse rate goes up, our blood pressure goes up - It's makes sense when you think about it. What a bummer. :)


He did explain that in the Salon article. He quoted what the ER doctor had told him how the avm mixed with increased blood flow after orgasm and it made it scary! My avm ruptured in the same way (only different terms than he used obviously. Women don't "spank the monkey" lol). Maybe I shouldn't have posted this now that I think about it. If I had my avm still, this story might scare the tar out of me. BUT, like you said, Ben, it's an area often overlooked so I guess it's good to be reminded of it every once in a while. Better here than in the bedroom! LOL

I can't stop laughing, sorry. I don't know if I should be insulted by my doctors or not. I know I'm over 50, but jeeze, I'm not dead! I had no idea about sex being an issue (no matter how you reach gratification). Nobody warned me of a possible bleed.


I think for those of us who still have their avms. No matter what we do, we walk the tight rope.

I'm glad you posted this article. It opens up something that needs to be brought to our attention. Whether people like to discuss it or not - this could happen to any of us. It's something that we should be aware of.


Here is the problem, folks. You could have a brain bleed for a zillion different reasons. I had mine by using a heavy rug cleaner...There are women that have a brain bleed while delivering their baby. I don't know what to say, don't clean your rugs, don't push your baby out, don't have an orgasm?? Truth be told, we have to keep living our lives. For those of you who can't have their AVM removed, you are in my prayers every single night.

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Good points.

I, too, think that this is a topic that’s not always readily expressed. Thanks, Kristi, for bringing light to it.

Regarding this discussion, I feel like I should get the lame award - I wasn’t “spanking the monkey” when my bleed happened; just watching late-night Oprah and getting ready for sleep…if I was doing something more exciting, I don’t remember and hopefully it wasn’t during Oprah…either way, if anything was that forgettable, I should really get the Double-Lame Award.

At least you can tell your story in front of any audience of any age, gender, status, whatever. Imagine explaining to the suit interviewing you for your next job or your grandparents or a preschool class what double-clicking your mouse means in "adult" terminology....not exactly easy lol