What's the difference between an AVM and a Vascular Malformation?

Just had a doctor appt and i pressed the doc for results from when i was in the hospital a year ago. I was told I had tangled veins in my brain and when they got to that point they couldn't go any further in looking for an aneurysm, but that they didn't see any indication of one or any bleeding. Looking at the results, and i don't have them with me at this very moment(I'm at work), but it said i had a significant vascular malformation, but the end result says no avm. So, I'm confused. I'm still waiting in my contract health doc to get these results and see if i can get a referral to a neurologist. This doc that i saw today has be going to see audiology for the noises and whooshing sound in my head.
I don't go a day without a headache and fight to not eat the Maxalt like candy. I only get eighteen a month. I feel like i'm crazy.

You know, I just asked that today...I need to look it up. That's what they said (the radio reporters) that the SoulTrain guy had. I'm unsure if it's the same thing or not. Will pass along any info. I get.

To my understanding the difference between an AVM and a VM is that the blood flow with an AVM is arterial blood (an artery) and VM are not arterial and not high flow like an AVM. If you google AVMs and Vms it will give you more in-depth info. The noise you are hearing is called a "bruit" and I had that noise for many years before treatment. It drove me crazy, too. We are here for you--you're not alone and you're not crazy.

Thank you guys, i really appreciate the help. Jim, I looked at the Nova sight(my dog's name is Nova so i favor anything named Nova) it was quite interesting. Looking further at my hospital papers, i think they concluded that I don't have an AVM and that i may not even have a VM. But they did some things up there, I'll have to write down some of the info i got, when i'm not at work.
I hope my Vermilion doc will do something because the headaches are getting worse.

Hi Amy,
Vascular malformations include AVM's, cavernous malformation (CM), capillary telangiectasia, and developmental venous anomaly (DVA) & yes, it's confusing! :0
I would encourage you to ask your drs. to specify which VM apply to you.

Hey Amy!

Here's another good site that might help explain the difference...


Best of luck and I hope you're feeling well!

Hi Amy, Sorry to hear about your avm. My wife has AVM on her left side. She had a bleed last year April. She had a endovascuaer surgery with glue. A AVM is the same as Arteriovenous malformation is the same thing as stated by our Doctor. My wife is reaching her one year and in April will have her followup.Prior to that she had several events of minor seizures and had to increase and finally change medications. She is now taking Vimpat which is doing a great job so far. Symptoms were tingling in the arm, traveling up the neck. Weakness and pain in the chest.
Our prayers are with you.Hang tough.

After reading your message, that you don't have a AVM sounds great.