What questions to ask specialists?

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I have my meeting with the specialists on June 9th regarding my results to the angiogram and treatment options. I briefly spoke to the nurse and got a little information already - but she emphasised (as many people on here) that I should be ready with every and all questions I may have. There are so many different possibilities and outcomes due to so much being unknown that I thought I would write down a load of questions and just ask the ones most appropriate to whatever information they tell me.
The nurse also gave me login details where I can access and see medical notes… I found that I was supposed to stop taking citalopram immediately (this was a couple months ago) - but nobody told me! I am just coming off them and onto a different medication now. I also found out that the specialists can’t agree on whether I can continue playing football or not - this is a huge deal as it is my job, but also a HUGE part and love of my life!

The point of me posting this - is please let me know if there are questions I am forgetting to ask?!!

Sooo my first questions are:

  • Is my new medication (Mirtazapine) definitely okay for me to take?
  • Can I continue to play football? If ‘no’, why? If ‘yes’, what are my limitations (if any)?

Regarding results and possible treatments:

  • How much blood has wept? Can you tell how long ago? How worried are we about this? Can it move to a dangerous area?

  • If GK or embolization, how long until I can have it? How does that day look? Steps after? When and how physical can I be after? Side effects? Risks? Odds/percentages of success?

Please let me know your thoughts guys - what am I missing?

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Hi, if you’re talking directly to the doctor that you want to operate on you, ask them directly are YOU going to operate on me and not another Dr. that you’re overlooking.

I heard it’s common that another Dr. may do the operation after you go down, with the specialized dr. you’re talking to is just supervising and present in the operating room.

Better safe than sorry. Goodluck on your journey.


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Well, this is from personal experience

I talked to the 2nd in command neurosurgeon about 3x for a long time on everything from possible outcome, to what is being used to treat this thing.

The main one doing the work was only accessible twice - he was also very informative, but very busy - he flies in/out of the hospital when surgeries arrive

I made lists of questions - but, this was after I got my embolization - before, nothing mattered - I already lost most of my sensory system & ability to move from the hemorrhage. . . But, I still wanted to know their course of action.

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Okay - meeting is tomorrow morning… no one notice any questions I might be missing?
Just making sure haha!


Have a good day today! I’ve been away, so am currently on catch-up with these messages.

I forget what stage you are at but I can tell you’ve got the important questions for you!

If you’re at the stage of finding out what treatment options, I’d just ask why they feel gamma knife is the right treatment versus embolisation or open surgery. If they’re proposing to offer you a choice between (say) gamma and embolisation then ask about the benefits and risks of each approach (though I’d expect them to tell you these carefully anyway)

And I think the other thing worth knowing is what recovery time you’ll need and anything you’ll not be able to do during recovery – e.g. football or driving, etc. It may vary, depending on whether they propose gamma or embo or surgery.

Anyway, have a good day today. I’m sure that if you forget to ask anything, they should give you the specialist nurses telephone number so you can ask additional questions if needed.

Very best wishes,


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