What is hard

I still cannot grasp why the left side of my body is throbbing (yes, all of the left parts) when every medical report I have states that it was my right side that had been afflicted. I am feeling this discomfort since I was discharged from the hospital last year. My doctor said that this is but ‘a part of my healing’ and just gave me a medicine to ease the pain. It relieved me but for two days only. I began to consider it then a permanent consequence.

It was like when you boil mung beans. Or cook popcorn. It occurs in every left part of my body. My only consolation is that nobody can notice my pain until I tell them so (some won’t believe though, and it makes me wonder if it would have been better if I have appeared more sick).

I’ve come to just adapt to this. When I came back to the Philippines last May and met the neurologist who conducted my first operation, I was hoping he could give me an answer. When I had an angirogram last September, I was praying that I would not have to deal with this ‘feeling’ afterward. But it remained, like it was the most natural thing that could happen to a 24-year-old-lass budding with dreams that could not come true anymore…

MY right side was affected by the stroke the docs gave during an embolization.

There is a silver lining in every cloud, not some clouds every cloud.
My silver lining in the docs messing up my right side is, I’m left handed:)

My right side is numb and weak, but I can still use it. It is not as numb as it was back in
April, it still feels weird though, tight, I can’t feel hot or cold and it feels like I keep getting
shocked on that side.

I don’t look like anything is wrong, but it is. My voice is different too. I wanted to do an online radio station, I don’t think I can now.
What ever the challenges, I’m glad to still be here on this side :slight_smile:
I have a daughter 23, she is having a baby 1-22-10 is her due date. I also have a daughter whose 18 and she is away at college. She is home for a few weeks now. The 18 year old is just as much challenge as the avm lol lol.

Take care of yourself !!! Dream new dreams, I’m learning too.

Peace and Blessings,