Weight Limt

The doctor said I will have 25lbs weight limit, forever. I was wondering if this is standard for everybody? Something about me, I'm 51yo 5' 10" 210lbs, I had a rupture in 2008, a class 3, brain AVM. I was in ICU for 4 weeks, after 7 months I had 2 embolization. Had gamma knife 2 years ago. So far it has been good, but the weight limit.

Hey Tim, what’s the status of the AVM? Is it still active?

I have an extremity AVM and was told not to lift anything over 10 pounds.

Sorry by weight limit what exactly do you mean?

I’m so glad you got through all that what a fighter!!!

I’ve never heard that. I know I can’t work out too much. But AVMSs are related to blood pressure my doctor said.

My doctor didn't give me a weight limit after the initial recovery period. I wish he had because I went back to what I was doing before, gardening, and I knocked my back out. I've been suffering from back pain ever since. I am 61 years old, diagnosed on my 60th birthday. But I was fortunate that they found mine before I had a rupture. I teased the surgeon about wanting to wait a year to have the surgery and he told me he didn't think I could wait six months. Mine was very large. Then I thought once it was gone it was gone forever. I didn't know they could come back.

Oh as in lifting? I was a main stream body builder (wanna be one anyway) i was doing 5 weight sessions a week and when they found my avm they stopped me lifting all weights, they don’t even want me lifting my 16 month old in the car but my avm is in my groin and I currently have a 4cm clot in the mix so I don’t know if it’s forever it just until treated! It’s extremely frustrating!

Do you mean a weight limit in terms of how much weight you can gain or how much weight you can lift?

I have a class IV in the right occipital. I have had proton radiation, gamma knife, and 3 embolizations. I have always been warned about lifting for the past 35 years since it was diagnosed.. No weight limits set but I know when I have lifted an item that was too heavy-no more than 25lbs. It is a nuisance but not heeding the advice can always be worse.

THANKS EVERYBODY. I would have got back sooner, but got a phone call to go to a tractor pull, pick me up in 1hr. I did a lot of hunting but the doctor said, anything over 25lbs leave lay. My brothers think I'm using 25lbs as an excuse, after reading everybody blog on this I know better. The AVM is not active at this time, but can come back.

I was told no powerlifting, but was never given an amount. I lift weights but I never max out. Thanks for bringing up the subject, I’d sure like to hear from more on this topic.

I've had my AVM diagnosed since age 7 and have never been told to limit the weight I lift.

I have a high flow AVM in my left arm and I'm in the middle of reaching my goal to do unassisted chin-ups. I find that weight lifting keeps away a lot of those annoying pain sensations.

I did have embolizations, but I think all but one was removed with the amputation of my hand (the end result of embolizations and medical tinkering). Maybe if I still had embolizations there might be a weight warning, in case the doctors thought the strain could shift one. (although as far as I'm aware, those coils are supposed to become embedded into the wall of the vessel).

Tim, I'm sure you can work with a Personal Trainer to ensure that you can exercise within the weight limits and achieve/maintain a healthy body.