Waiting just sucks

I had my Myelogram on December 5th and it was a piece of cake. The nurse calls first thing Monday morning to tell me my dr is out of the country and so she won’t be looking at my tests until she gets back. I have waited 10 days now so hopefully tomorrow (Monday) or soon after I will hear something. I hate this hurry up and wait. I have been scared about this since mid September and still don’t know exactly whats wrong. My insides are a big ball of nerves and I am snapping at everyone.


What is a myelogram?

Connie: http://www.webmd.com/back-pain/myelogram-16147

Marci, I know what you mean when you say Waiting Sucks!!! It always takes ages before I hear any news at all. The only thing I can advise is to call them at least once every week and ask about your results until you get answers!
Good luck xo Kerstin

Hi Connie. A myelogram is when they inject dye into your spine to get a better look at it. Since my possible AVM is in my spine they wanted a better look at it.

thanks for the nice comments ladies. Hurry up and wait… Hurry up and wait… grrrr. grrr

Yup waiting is a total pain in the a*se!
I didn’t get the results from my angiogram for about 4 months, drove me nuts
I thinl cause here in the UK we don’t pay so you get it when you get it, but having said that thank the lord for national insurance
Hope you hear soon Marci, take care.

hang in there marci, the waiting game is the hardest time of all…the unknown is very scary…stay positive hope you hear soon

Marci, I am compiling a very long list of people on whose toes I am going to, by accident of course, step on with my tallest, thinnest. sharpest boots. Your doc has made the list. Please forward name and address and when would be convenient for you to witness event…
I am pleased for you that your myleogram (can’t spell again…) was o.k. for you. Perhaps you can talk me into doing one myself as I have become HUGE COWARD over these last years…Be snappy woman!!! Snap at everyone-get it out!!! Then you can give and get grat big hugs!! The really “quishy” kind that children are so good at…Be good to you. Take care of you. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Have you turned the music on yet???