Vision Problems After AVM Embolization

I have an AVM in my occipital lobe, and had an embolization procedure on Oct 26 09. I had a consistant migraine for more than a week afterwards, and have been having headaches since. I got a CT scan and they said everything looked fine. However yesterday I had a headache, worse than what I’ve been having since my migraines went away. My vision around the edges of field of vision looked almost like a kaleidoscope. It lasted for about ten minutes. Today experienced a similar headache, along with more vision issues. When I was trying to focus on something, I couldn’t see anything to the right of it (same side I had the issue with yesterday). After that went away I had the same issue that I had yesterday; the kaleidoscope-like vision around the edges of my peripherals.

I am just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and if anything came out of it? I am just concerned if I will be able to drive once my year is up after my seizure.

I had a similar (kaleidoscope) vision experience on one of my eyes after first embolization, in ICU and only for a couple of minutes. Then it went away. After 2nd embolization, it also happened and went away in less than a minute. I had a stroke during 2nd embolization procedure or after the procedure affecting the left side of the body. now I also have double vision (where two eyes cannot synchronize images), so I have to wear special prism glasses. Prior to procedures, I did not need glasses for distance viewing. Now I have +1.25 power for distance. For reading glasses, the power changed from +1.25 to 3.25. I also have problem with upward gaze, the eye balls do not move all the way up!