Update on pregnancy

I have had a few people asking me how I was doing and what the doctors have said so I thought I would update with a new blog. I did go to the doctors last friday and they decided to do all the normal blood work and that was about it. They are going to set me up for a ultra sound on the 16th to see how far along I am (since that time of the month hardly ever visits). And that is when I will find out when my appointment is with that high risk doctor in Louisville will be. My guess is that I am at least 6 weeks along…and I have had the raphies since Christmas eve! Blah…it is awful! I have never felt so sick before in my entire life…seriously. The doctors said it could be because my body still has not fully recovered from my brain surgeries and that I usually have problems with throwing up due to my headaches and that my avm always caused nauseousness to begin with. So they have me on zofran and phenergan every 8 hours (together) and I’m not thowing up as much…but still every single day.
I have adjusted to the fact of being pregnant but hubby still really hasn’t. I told my dad and he was really happy. Now I am just waiting on Eric to tell his mom and dad before we start telling other people. Eric still doesn’t really acknowledge the fact that I am pregnant even tho he is still very nice to me when I am too sick to do laundry or cook supper. I am pretty sure he is afraid to tell his parents…been telling him to tell them for a week now and he hasnt. So he has til the 16th or else I am going over them myself and telling them. lol.
So there you have it…so far nothing has really changed…just really raphie. And that is really the only symptom I have had…
I hope you all are doing well and praying that everything goes well for me during this and that this sickness will all be over with soon. Also I have been told that there is a high possibility that with my pcos and history of an avm that I will not carry the baby full term so please be praying about that. Even tho I wasn’t ready for this I still do NOT want to loose it.

Hello Brittany. Thank you for the update. One day at a time as always, yes?? We sometimes find ourselves in “places” we had not planned to be…Most often we can acclamate and continue forward, even husbands are capable of this in their own time…
Pregnancy is different for all and further proof we are simply one big walking hormone. I am so sorry that your apparant “morning sickness” is so overwhelming…I hope it all balances soon…hormones…one day at a time little lady.
Be good to you. Take care of you. You are all in my prayers.

Brittany, good for you to have such a great attitude. Yes, the nausea is horrible and seems to go on and on and on and then one day you will feel better but hang in there. I guess your husband has to figure this out for himself. I know for me, the first time I heard the baby’s heartbeat was like this huge WOW! moment. I hope you take him with you to your appts and maybe that will make it more real for him. I’m sure your husband is worried too with just too much to think about with your health and the baby’s health, etc. One day at a time really is all you can do and just look after yourself. Thanks for the update. I’ve been thinking about you…and of course, very excited because I think motherhood is ‘da bomb’! lol

Hi, Brittany! I know it doesn’t feel like it, but the nausea will eventually pass! lol That’s when you start feeling your best and you really enjoy your pregnancy! As for your hubby, I think that he is so busy worrying about you that the baby probably hasn’t become quite real to him. I agree that you should take him to your obstetrical appointments. I’ll never forget my husband’s face when we heard our daughter’s heartbeat for the first time!

Hello my dear friend we seem to be missing each other on line I am so glad that you have told your dad the support for you will be good. I hope i can catch you on msn soon and luke had his scan and now we have to wait til february for the results there dose seem to be some change from his last scan take good care and hope the sickness eases up soon LOL