Update on my father.... AVM FREE!

As of Thursday June 19th he’s AVM free.

It’s been a long journey since we discovered the AVM September 7th 2013.

His surgery was very successful. It lasted 7hrs.

The location of the AVM was deep in the brain. 1.5inches and smaller than a dime.

Every doctor we saw wasn’t confident enough to recommend the surgery. Not until we met Dr. Gavin Britz. If your doctor hasn’t given you hope I highly recommend you seeing Dr. Britz. The most confident Dr ever. He’s at Methodist Houston.

Please feel free to ask any questions.
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You must be feeling so relieved!

Thank you for sharing the wonderful news, Joel, and yay for your dad and of course, yay for Dr. Britz!

Super Hurrah!!

Thank you for sharing the good news, Joel. :)