Update on me & dad!

I've been seriously MIA lately. Honestly, it's been weird to be "away" from the site so much and I feel absolutely out of touch with all my AVM peeps. I know it will be easy to get right back into things. And all of you lovely people don't mind my absence and welcome me with open arms right back into the fold. That's why this site is so very awesome. And why I love you all.

So quick update on me-

I'm doing SUPER! No crazy wounds, or gross draining holes to deal with. Totally loving my new super model face. Plus I've lost like 30 lbs without the steroids (and the surgery/infection/stress from dad's strok/etc) and so I look even more fabulous than ever! And yes, I realize I sound like a crazy egotistical little girl! ha! Whatever, I know you all appreciate where this comes from.

Still doing monthly treatments with Dr. Yakes but I'm anticipating a "don't come back for six months" report soon. I mean there can't possibly be much left! Other than that, I'm just working a million hours and spending the weekends taking care of my dad.

Quick update on my dad-

Strokes suck. Dad is...I don't know. In ways he is worse since being home. Seems to be a bit stronger. Had a seizure and at least one more "mini" stroke within the past 2 months. It's hard to tell what's going on. I am keeping my hopes up but also feeling somewhat resigned to the fact that he may not get much better. I wish his cognitive abilities hadn't been so affected. But whatever, he's still my dad and I love him.

Quick pictures- me & dad, and me from Jan's embo. (Yes, I realize I now look like a 12 year old!)



Shalon, So glad you are back…I missed you!!! You look fantastic!

You look fantastic and I look forward to meeting you at the walk for “supermodels” in San Francisco.:wink:

Take all the time you need …we will embrace you anytime…don’t forget to take care of yourself too…oh and you look amazing not 12…see you May 1

Shalon, you look amazing! Your dad’s a cutie too! Don’t give up on him, he can still keep improving!

Shalon! You look wonderful! and Dad...awww he is so lucky to have you by his side :) Your stories made such an impact on our lives that even after a 13 hour crani, over 40 days in the hospital (blah blah blah) Zac asked me how you were doing yesterday! And if I had heard anything from you :)

Hope you are feeling the luv all the way from Oregon! HUGS!

Hi Shalon,

You & your dad look great!! How fortunate he is to having such a wonderful, loving daughter.

May you soon receive a "don't come back for six months" report from Dr. Yakes! :)

Take care & welcome back,


Thanks for the lovely notes! You guys are awesome.
Karen, I don’t even know what to say! You’re note about you and Zac’s recent “adventure” and then to wonder how I am…left me speechless. I’m so glad that he is doing well. That you BOTH are. hugs right back up to ya!
Debra & Pam- yay for May 1st! Have you made reservations at hotel del sol yet? We are going to have to make super fun plans! :slight_smile:
Patti, Trish, & Louisa- thanks for notes and the compliments. Ya know, you ladies are just adding to my overly inflated sense of fabulousness! Josh may eventually have to put a stop to it :). It’s very possible I may just get out of hand! :wink:

I’m back at the parents today to help out and dad is STILL doing great. Well…not great great but great considering! I’m encouraged and I know my mom is too. I wish my sis was closer so she could see him more often. Last time she was here was right before the seizures and probably when he had a mini stroke. He was out of it, mean, and just “absent” during her visit. :(.

I was wondering where you had been. So sorry about your dad, I know that is hard. Definitely hope you get the good news from Dr. Yakes soon! Welcome back, we’ve missed you and your infectious positiveness (it is fun inventing new words! :slight_smile: