Update on Health

Well my trip to chicago went a lot better this time. Well it didnt start out better tho…the day we got there the hospital refused to admitt me and called my doctor’s nurse that told me to come. So finally Tuesday Morning I was admitted and was going to recieve some Dhe…which I refused to take the last time I was in the hospital…the way to explain how i makes you feel is they tell you it will make you feel like your going through chemotherapy. So I refused to take it and they gave me some meds that I was already taking except in I.V form one hour a day ever 8 hours. Then ever 6 hours I got a shot in the bottom of Toradol or Norflex to help with the headaches. After a full 24 hours I noticed that I only felt better after the toradol and norflex shots so I asked if I could stop the other iv meds so I did. Within the next 24 hours I noticed my headaches were getting so much better. I was amazed! I’m still feeling pretty good right now and I have been home for almost 24 hours. So anyways, Then I had to have a neuro evaluation with a neurologist up there and they done a bunch of testing on me and I’m going ot ahve to start speech therapy and also some kind of congnitive therapy. Eric and I hide my problems pretty well when it comes to speaking. If he notices I’m having a hard time with words or whatever he will just cut in and answer questions or just take over a subject for me. But up at the doctors they told him not to anymore and Id idnt know what to do or say. I took test for an entire 6 hours!!! Learned I have a hard time with memory and even coming up with words and even the meaning to most words that I say on a day to day basis. I know what they mean…I just can’t explain it to anyone else or even to myself really. But some how I just get it. With the testing I felt like I was going to be declared “special” I even cried during a small part and the lady stopped and asked me what was wrong and I couldn’t even exlain to her why I was upset. She told me she understood and that the reason for those kinds of tests were to help people that have had brain trama which is what I have now. Anyways, it was a really long and hard process for me but I got through it It was also suggested for me to get out of the house more often with friends or volunteering. so that is also on my to do list. They said they were not sure if I would be able to continue my education to become a teacher…but that is still my dream. so i’m still going to go back to school for that as soon as I can. There was one part of that test that I was doing where I actually stopped and looked at the lady and asked her if she would translate to english…she laughed. And I was like…no really… I only speak english. Then she got a really serious look on her face…and after I asked eric if the words were english and he told me that they were. It is so hard to go from feeling like your at least half way intellegent to feeling like you have the brain of a mouse. I did really well with the facial recognition and objects cards. So I only did well on 2 of the 11 tests…well its late and I’m sure I have no idea what I am saying on here hahahah.
Oh but I was saying something about my meds in the begninning. The doctors are letting me cut down my seizure pills in half so that is amazing news. :slight_smile: lol…I dont really think that is what I wanted to say but that is what popped into my head so its what you got. lol.
I will talk to you all later
Have a good Sunday :slight_smile: