I’m sure some of you on Facebook know about the cartoon profile photos to support child abuse awareness. I’m not saying I don’t support the awareness of child abuse, but a simple campaign like that is doable and at least somewhat effective in raising awareness of a cause. At least, even if people do something like that because it’s easy, or just to follow trends, it would be comforting to know which people support that cause.

Together, as a group, we must ALL start thinking of ways to let others know about AVM, to prevent anyone from going through the same struggles we did as survivors and even to possibly find a way to eradicate AVM for good!

Start thinking ;D

That’s a great idea Jill, maybe Ben could think of something appropriate to change our profile pics to? I know there are lots of us on Facebook.

Love the idea Jill. We need to brainstorm a bit with this one. I’ll get back to you!

Jill, perhaps a simple guidebook for tha laymen to introduce AVMs, and how it affects us. I feel that sometimes it can be very misleading when even doctors says "its like tumours/cancer"

Maybe someone who is artistic could come up with a logo of sorts, something that can be associated with AVMs and AVM awareness? Maybe even the butterfly logo from this site?