Understanding MRI results

I've gotten a copy of my MRI report from last fall and I'm trying to make sense of it. I've looked up the words I don't understand on Google and I'm even more confused. Any suggestions on where I can get decent medical translations.

Hey Scotswoman :slight_smile: I’m not a qualified professional yet but I am halfway through med school and have had some neuroimaging training. I’m not offering actual radiological advice but if I can help any way with medical jargon or to clear up some terms it would be my pleasure :slight_smile:

Hi Gwen, I refreshed my memory of you on your profile and yay for you for being halfway through med school. I wish you an even bigger yay for offering support to Scotswoman!

Thanks Susan! After being on the patient side of things, I can truly appreciate how confusing and daunting everything can be - even when you’ve seen the “professional” side! Just wanna help bridge the gap as much as I can, I feel so blessed in a way to be able to see both sides :slight_smile:

Gwen, yes, indeed you are very blessed! Thanks for the comment.

I can't speak for anyone else, but sometimes when speaking to the doctors and surgeons there's so much information being thrown at you that it's overwhelming and I don't always ask enough questions. Then later I freak because I can't understand something. I believe it would ease my mind if after they write all the medical terminology so the other professionals understand exactly what they're saying, they'd translate to layman's language so individuals would understand.

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