Does anyone know if you can watch 3D movies after having an AVM. My mom wont let me watch one unless she knows every little thing. & I wanna go the The Lion King in 3D with my best friend.

Brooke, a 3D movie shouldn’t be an issue. Maybe ur mother is confused with the fact that strobe lights can trigger seizures in some people?.. You are not a China doll, enjoy ur life!:slight_smile: -GK


I went & watched the last installment of Harry Potter in 3D this summer.

when did you have your avm?


I can understand your mum’s worry. but you should be fine.

3D movies cause your brain to work harder to process more info, other than that it should be okay. Can you call your doctor and get his approval and make your mom happy?

Brooke, I agree with the others…Perhaps your Mom should ask the doctor to see if he has any reason why you can’t watch The Lion King in 3D. Stay strong, sweetie!

If you are not having seizures you should be fine. A 3D movie would exhaust me.

I don’t do 3D movies only because of my vision issues. I’m pretty sure things zooming by me would freak me out also. You could give it a try. Worst that could happen is that you discover that you don’t like them and then you’d have to leave.

A 3D movie will do you no harm, but try to understand that your mom is just being over protective, just like my mom, thats just how moms are. I am still having my avm treated and i plan on going to see the same movie.