So since Wednesday I have been suffering from the worst non-stop migraine that I’ve experienced in a long time. It started Wednesday night when I got home from school I was in soooo much Pain it brought me to tears. It continued on until today.i still feel immense pain but I have color in my face again n I can move around now. I feel like this is a battle I don’t have the energy to fight n I hate it…does anyone else feel defeated at times???
I once heard the saying “sometimes you have to go through hell to get to heaven” n I always said that once I get past the "bad"phase of my illness it was goin to be my “heaven” …now I’m not so sure…ughhh

I'm sorry but, I had to chuckle at you question: "Does anyone else feel defeated...?" My answer is: "Heck, Yea!" LOL A couple times a week. When my body isn't cooperating with what I want to do. I get up and I go again. Until I'm down again. Then I get up again.... It's an endless cycle.

I have to say though -- when I get a migraine -- I don't care about anything. Nothing at all. I lay around and I do absolutely nothing. If it takes a couple of days, then it takes a couple of days. There's nothing I can do about it. I simple go with the flow. I learned the hard way.... If I try to do things while I have a migraine. It only makes it worst. So I just surrender to it and wait it out.

You're not alone in feeling that way. It can get the best of all of us. It's a rough road that we walk. As time goes by,.. we get better at it (wink).


You are definitely not alone! I am going through that miserable headaches period myself right now too. As Ben & Ninibeth said, I am just try to relax as much as possible and ride it through. I am also taking my "break through" pain med, keeping the lights and noise to a minimum. If the pain is worse than usual, I call my neurologist.

I smiled when I read your quote. Another saying is that God won't give us more than we can handle...I guess He thinks we are a lot stronger than we feel! :)

Hi Biba...I do have days when I feel defeated especially when I experience those non-stop migraines. I usually try to do what Ninibeth and Beth does, relax as much as you can and ride it out (I'm working on that more (-:). I also make a call to my neurologist when they are persistent for about a week. You're definitely not along.

How long ago did you have your surgery? How often do you experience those pains? Stay strong. Wishing you the best.

Hi Bilba,

Thanks for posting this topic on migraines. I was going to post on the same topic, particularly since I've been having migraines and headaches for the last few weeks. I, like others have said, try to relax and take it easy until they ease off. I currently started treatment on Imitrex recommended by my neurologist. I also keep a dairy of my migraines to try and pinpoint their triggers. Hopefully the medication and keeping track of triggers, such as certain foods, sounds/noise and smells/odors will help me manage them to have lesser than 15 per month because they can really put a damper in daily activities. To answer your question, yes I feel defeated at times. I long for the day to get past it all--the migraines and to be AVM free. Wishing you and everyone the best of health.