Tomorrow's the big day--feeling positive

Tomorrow I find out what the vascular neurosurgeon has to say. I certainly hope I get some good news. Originally I thought it would be too hard to wait the 4 weeks from when I was diagnosed to my appointment with the surgeon, but I think the time has been a positive thing. For over a week, I was completely distressed, but over time, I’ve found that I have been able to live “normally”. This diagnosis sure changes your outlook on life!

Finger’s crossed:)

hold on strong to those positive feelings…i will be praying that you get good news tomorrow aswell…sending lots of positive energies to help you through the day …let us know how you go …best wishes xox

how did go? with you appointment, are they doing surgery or radiation treatment…Please let us Know…You see you were strong and positive I know, It can be hard for some of us…But having positive attitude and faith we can face everything on life…Yeah you’re right with this condition life change my life forever…Good luck and god bless…Wishing you the best and the best results on you’re appointment…

I hope that your neurosurgeon can help you understand the nature of your particular AVM. We have found that each AVM is so unique in its characteristics that it is hard to get advice that fits your personal situation. I just had Gamma Knife on my AVM and I am feeling pretty good! (Mine is 2cm in the occipital lobe.) If I can help you in any way, please let me know. We have been through all of this very recently as well and seen specialists in 3 cities! The best part for us is that God has walked every step with us. I wish you the best!