Today I am feeling blah!

today when i got out of bed, i felt like i had been hit over the head.
I carried on about my day, but for some reason this feeling never went away!
i felt angry so i started to shout, please please let me out!
people stopped and wondered why- i was pulling out my hair, when i told them they just stood to stare - for no one understood why i wasn’t feeling so good!

sometimes its hard to see, who i used to be - i dont recognise the strength i have and how i’ve managed to come so far, sometimes i feel there is no light and then i remember why i fight.

to be continued…

Thanks Liam :slight_smile: we have our good days and our bad days! it is so frustrating tho people do not understand at work… im expected to just get on with it! (and i am, i have to) but its so bloody hard some times - i have been diagnosed with clinical depression since i found out about this thing - i used to be so full of life - i feel defeated - and they want to put me on drugs, i said no i want to do it on my own - i cant let this get me as you say i have so much to fight for.

hello, funny you should say that i was just adding to that post, i think the t shirts are great!

Hello and thank you for the welcome…I have just read your story and I am grateful that you are able to share your journey with us…I don’t want to sound trite…but please keep fighting! The world is a brighter place with you in it!!!