To stay or not to stay!

I've sufferd from an AVM 23 years ago and it seems like i am getting worse. I cannot move on my own anymore where once i was able to walk. I cannot move my hands and arms where i was once able to sew. I cannot put on make up where once i could put on lipstick and make my mouth interesting. The idea of not being able to do these things makes me feel scared becasue i worry about how long will it be before i can no longer do anything.
I currently live in a co-op and i have home health aids and attend a day program. So going to a nursing home means more that just a place to live. I would have to work on selling my co-op.

What do others think about the choice of staying at home (with home health aids ) versus going into nursing care?

I'm sorry, Linda that you're getting worse & having to make this difficult decision.
Is there a social worker in your community or with home health who could help you with these concerns, details & who might be able to answer specifically towards your needs?
Take care.

Hi Linda.... having been in the avm journey for 23 yrs itself a great achievement...i am not very sure if i have a suggestion for ur question - choice of staying at home (with home health aids ) versus going into nursing care.

i would still suggest inspite of the difficulties...... try n meet n talk to ppl from various walks of life...somewhere some spark will show u the light at the end of the tunnel... good luck :)

- Santhosh

I agree with Patti. You should speak to a Case Worker, or a social worker in your local area who is specialized in your area. Besides the issue of selling your co-op, do you want to leave your home, or are you okay being in your home with aides. Maybe you feel like you want people to watch you 24 hours a day. Does it work for you financially? Will you be isolated from family and friends? Just some things to think about Linda. This is obviously a big decision so please take your time when making this decision. Please keep us posted too.