Hi, I'm new here and firsty want to say "Hi" and what a great site this is, I've learned more about avm's in two days then I have known in 23 years since I was diagnosed! I had surgery and steriotactic radiation between '88-'91 when i was a teenager. About 6 weeks ago I had what seemed like symtoms of a tia which lasted about a half hour or so, I had an annoying headache for about a week at the samw time with a stiff neck, everything seems back to normal now but I can hear my heartbeat in my head when I close my ears, which I never could before. An CT last year showed a newer mass in my head which neurosurgeon saaid was a swollen vain and they rarely burst! I had an angio a couple of weeks ago which the radiologist said would take 15 mins but it took an hour, its alarge avm and he said it would take a few approahes to deal with it but didn't indicate if anything needed to be done, when I asked him about fresh bleeds he didn't answer, he told me beforehand he would tell me if he saw any. I'm waiting for a follow up apt. but I hear different perspectives from every doc i talk to, and no sense of whether there is a fresh problem or not. What I'm really asking is do my symptoms sound like a fresh problem or is this the kind of thing that happens with avms and aging? Do tia's come with avm's? I know I go on a bit, I'm just a bit confused after reading about reoccurrance here, any insight would be appreciated! Thanks:)