Three weeks into recovery from AVM removal after a bleed

My boyfriend is saying a few words like yes , no , alright , still no movement on the right side. I also did a letter chart with him today and he could not say any of the alphabet even when I pointed at the letter A and gave him a choice of A or B. He couldn’t do it. I can see the frustration. I hope he can regain his speech. But mostly hoping that he regains his mobility. He was in great shape before this happened and only 53 years old.


Hi Goldilocks,

Those few words are a good sign. What are the drs. saying? I'll say some prayers for him (and you).


Hi Ben, The doctors don’t say much on recovery outlook. They always say that everyone is different. He is at a stroke rehab center, so I now you get out of therapy what you put into it. Bye is not afraid to work hard. I am getting more out of this site and the members here than any doctor could tell me. People her share their specific stories of where the bleed was and their deficits. I have read the success stories and those give me hope. I also read the memorial forum and that gave me a reality check that I could have lost him.

Thanks for your concern,


Deb, While every case is different, stay hopeful! It has been 6 years since my brain bleed and I'm going great. The doctors told my family that they had no idea were I would end up..and here I am! Stay Strong & Positive!

Thanks for the hope Louisa, I got a reality check after I read the memorial page on here. I am lucky he is alive. I really want him to be mobile for his own independence. I have received more help here on this site than the doctors could ever tell me.


Hi Deb, I continue to admire you as a girlfriend and I will keep your boyfriend and you in my prayers. It has been over 2.5 years since my brain bleed and I continue to recover albeit at a slower pace. Still, the cognitive improvement helps me deal with the physical limitations. Stay strong and God give you strength!

Hi Goldilocksrox. Please read my friend Lesley’s profile.
She could not speak after her bleed either. She is a moderator on here and we chat all the time on FB.
Positive healing thoughts heading your way!

Thanks Barbara. I just sent her a note with some questions. Thanks for the reply and concern.


Thanks for your reply Susan. I really appreciate your concern and support. I will not give up on him. He is worth it. He always said I was bossy, well he hasn’t seen bossy yet! We are watching the football game and during the commercials I am doing the alphabet with him. It’s Sunday and the hospital doesn’t do therapy today. There shouldn’t be a day without it.