The Dragon Fly

It was in July or August following my AVM surgery and
I had just started back to my job part time. The two things I wanted the most in my recovery were returning to my full time job and getting my driver's license back.
But would it all ever happen?

One day I was let off in front of the house from a car and
I came up to the front door with my key, and there next
to the door was a large sort of spiral spider's web leading
into a small hole in the door frame. A large dragon fly
was caught in the web and he was frantic in wiggling to try
to get away. The spider would soon come out and finish him off, and it all reminded me of something. It reminded me
of being in that hospital room, nearly helpless waiting
for that AVM to finish me off. I knew, and maybe you
understand also how the dragon fly must have felt.

I hate spiders and their webs, but I cupped my hands
and tried to release the wiggling insect, but he
was well caught. I tried again and this time I brought
him out and I threw him up in the air and he powered
up and in a second was gone. He flew away home. Now
the dragon fly knew how I felt to have escaped the AVM.
Just like many of you here understand.

Sorry for remembering something very trivial and stupid,
but it is something that I have remembered for all this
time. Something that I understand.

July 2015. I would like only to add here that this account really happened sometime during the Summer of 2002, and actually this happened first this way, and a few weeks later I rescued another dragon fly from the same door frame. It was not pleasant to snatch those dragon flies from the web, but it all reminded me so much of myself caught by the AVM, that I couldn't resist.

May we all escape the web of our own AVM illness.

Wow, John, you continue to inspire me with your blogs. Yay for you releasing that dragon fly and a bigger yay for sharing the memory.

Awesome blog, John. You definitely have a gift. Thanks for sharing with us.

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