The Doctors Called With GOOD News

Okay Dr. Yakes from colorado called yusterday and I found out that I am having surgery June 11 of this year!!! I finally get to have surgery and have it done rite!! Iam so happy… but IDK how were supposto get out there my mom is a single mom of 4 kids. I hope we can make it out there my leg needs it so bad!!! And yusterday I used it to much so this morning I couldnt walk again but it wasnt my fault because I had to sing at the graduation last night with my school chior. So I had to stand up for ever and walk there and walk home. (mom was at work late again until almost 10) so she didnt get to see me sing at all this year. But its okay.

Christa, I don’t what state your in, but there is an organization called “Miracle Miles” that setup free flights for families in need. Sometimes the airlines will help you out, also.

Good Luck with your surgery Christa!

Hey Christa! We will have just missed you. I go back to Denver June 3-6th…so just a week before you will be there. Too bad our schedules didn’t coordinate.
I hope you are able to make it work. Glad that Janice posted about that Miracle Miles thing. I knew something existed just didn’t remember what it was and couldn’t find it in my google searches.

I am so glad that you are going to get your surgery, Christa! If you belong yo a church, perhaps your minister can guide you to where your family cann get some aid. Also check with your school guidance councelor.

that is great news girly, congrats. dont worry about getting there you will make it.