The Bridge

After surviving AVM surgery and going home in one piece, even if it was a somewhat shattered piece, I found that I was in need of a dentist because I had some very loose teeth in front. Did the AVM make me grit my teeth violently?

The dentist told me that I needed to have four teeth removed and a bridge put in. The problem was that I had no dental insurance and after the long hospitalization...I had little money. The procedure would cost about 3000, and I had to get some money. I am a hobbyist and I knew a fellow collector who wanted one of my best "relics", and so I called him in another state and told him the story and offered him the relic that he wanted for the price of my operation.

When he came he brought me a check and we talked for some time while he was there. It was great to talk to someone
who seemed to understand me and he told me about his
son who had been in an auto accident and had suffered some
brain injury. As young people will day he
went out and got royally drunk, and this opened the door
for him to have seizures. They became a real curse to him.
My friend told me not to drink too much as it might
do the same to me.

I took his advice and have not had so much as a taste of
alcohol since my operation in '02. And I have had zero
seizures. And my friend I saw at a hobby "show" later on
and I thanked him for my new teeth!

Update July 2015. Well, my friend who paid for my dental operation (Tim) had his own terrible illness a year or two after this, and it has now been several years since I have seen him at any hobby show, but I still go myself. I still do not drink at all and have not since January, 2002, and I still have had zero seizures. Also yes, the bridge that I wrote about is still in my mouth with my other natural teeth and my new dentist tells me it should last for years yet. Best to all you readers!

Great story John. I hope you and your teeth are still doing well:)

Glad you shared that wonderful story. It made my day.

Thank you all! I got my bridge 12 years ago and am happy to say
that it is still in place and doing it's job! More importantly no
more cerebral bleeds!


I'm glad you got your teeth taken care of. On a side note, I grit my teeth ALOT, especially in my sleep, when I'm not aware of it. Sometimes I sleep with an athletic mouth guard.