Thank you guys

I wanted to say thank you to you all. My wife, Paula, and the one that had an AVM, never really used these forums much as they confuse her. That said, I would come here pretty regularly and read how you guys were doing, and I would gather information. Much of your symptoms, as you can imagine, were/are like my wife's.

Angio a few weeks ago showed the AVM obliterated. This was once deemed as an inoperable AVM. She still has aneurysms, and her left side was horribly affected in this 5 year process.

You guys are saints in my opinion. Here to show the world that the meek truly do inherit it. I don't mean to offend when I say meek, and I hope you all gather my meaning.

As someone that cares for an AVM survivor, I know everything you guys go through. Being on these forums helped save my wife in many ways I believe. Would at least allow me to know there were others that suffered as Paula did, and then I could find some peace knowing that if you all can do it, so could we.

So, thank you so much for just living. That sounds so small, but it's not when you have an AVM.

Peace and all good things,

Matt Mihalek

I know what you mean. I didn't find this forum till 3 years after I went through my toughest time with my avm. It might be because I didn't have a computer back then either (ha ha). It's comforting to know that we aren't alone as we battle this rare disease. It's kind of funny though. They say it's a rare disease but, it sure doesn't seem to be that rare when I'm on here and being with others who have it too. It's a good feeling to know we are not alone (smiles). Not to mention the good advice and support we get too.

It's rough road we travel. And with many thanks to everyone on here, we don't have to travel it


Matt, you have stated this message beautifully. God bless Paula and you and help you in your caregiver role. I thank God every night for my wonderful husband and could not imagine where I would be without him. I had never heard of an AVM before mine burst and when I was coming back to consciousness and researched AVM's, I learned how rare they are! My husband found me with tears horrified by the rarity and basically used my words to console me ie., he said that God knew I was strong enough to handle it so time to move on!
Susan Truby


Thanks for the nice note.

We're all in this journey together.

Best wishes,
Ron, KS

:) Every single person on this forum is what makes it how it is, Matt, including you!! I believe this forum and what I have learned saved my life too :) It brings much comfort when we realise we are not alone.. but also to find others that understand and learn from their experience is priceless! How is your wife doing? How are you doing?