I was thinking of getting a tattoo or modifying an existing one to commemorate my survival. What is the official symbol for AVM survival? I have two butterfly tattoos (both of which I regret because they have no meaning) and thought revising one of them might be appropriate and at least give me that meaning that I wish they had originally.

Faux, the butterflies do have meaning now. Look at the site – butterflies all over it. :slight_smile: I suppose you could have the words AVM Survivor added below one of the butterflies or surrounding it. You sound good. How are you feeling?

If you do get (or revise) a tattoo to commemorate your AVM survival, take a picture of it & put in on this website? I have one small tattoo ... maybe I need another?

My boyfriend has been saying that if he’s gonna get a tattoo, he’s going to get one of what my AVM looks like from my 3D CTA reconstruction scan (check my page for pics) - it would certainly make an abstract tattoo and interesting talking point! Will you keep us updated on what you decide? Would love to see :slight_smile:

Butterflies are very symbolic to all of us. I have a tag on a bracelet I created. It says: "Fear not. Without change there would be no butterflies". Very appropriate. I keep toying with the idea of getting another tattoo and getting "our" butterfly. I may still. One day.

--I thought about doing this in July to commemorate my one year anniversary. I think after so many needles and pokes from this, a tatoo is nothing for someone who is deathly afraid of them!! However, i think a bracelet is a good idea too, have one engraved...take the easy way out (for myself anyway).

--I found this cool site that might give you some ideas:

it has everything from flowers to skulls and what they mean...they have butterflies too. They have other things too. Beautiful artwork anyway.

This is my tattoo :) It means a lot to me :) My sister drew the butterfly for me.

143-tattoo.jpg (72.2 KB)

Hi dandelionwishes and your tattoo is wonderful! Before my brain injury, the song Let it Be by the Beatles was my ring tone so I'm unsure of the significance for you but I enjoyed those words on your tattoo too!

Hi thats a long username :-)

here is a pic of my tattoo I had done last week for awareness hope it gives you some inspiration for your tattoo :-)

I love that one but on the foot? Ouch! I'm imagining tons of pain with a foot tattoo. But really, yours is beautiful!

I have a pretty large homage on my leg/hip.

Purple rose (for the only flowers I remember from the hospital. Blue poppies for the wonderful medicine that helped me through the hardest days. And the text “all your stars have aligned” words from my doctor to my parents.

Hi Faux, Hope your doing well, I found loads of good ones (I think lol !) from just doing a google search for AVM Survivor Tattoo then hitting the images button on the search results and seen quite a few that look great, I like the Burgundy for life one's (twisted ribbon etc ...) and there are a few with text also that look cool :) . Good luck with it and congrats on your treatment :) . Take care

I had one done on the top of my left foot on 6/28/2014. I think I had a good tattoo artist because it didn’t hurt at all!
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My AVM friend and I had the AVM symbol (green butterfly) on our shoulders and underneath we had, AVM Survivor. No pain at all. I'm thinking about another done on the inside wrist saying, "Survivor"!