Sweetie and me jan 2013

William posted his beautiful pet bird. So I told him I would post my love “Sweetie” she really does give great Hugs !

A beautiful German Shepard,...!!

Needless to say,...I love dogs,...and to quote another dog lover,...
"If dogs are not allowed in heaven,...I want to go where they are"
Un-conditional love is un-conditional love,..at it's purest form.

Yes she does!

funny i cried in bed when I found out what i have and what can happen and she was lying by me on the floor . SHe jumped and got in my face and wiped the tears away with her tongue of course :>) I just started laughing because I ended up wetter then I was before she helped me :>) I love her and I dread to my soul putting her in a kennel while I am in st louis but just no choice. it’s a tiny cage to small for her. But she will be safe , ran by a vet that is so very nice. so theres the upside , he will hug her too !

tks william she is so pretty , she looks mean but its just her coloring. Now she can turn into Cujo in less then 1 second but she has to have good reason :>)