Hi Everyone!

I’m back from a little haitus! I had surgery with Doctor Waner Monday and it was the most successful surgery I’ve had yet. I left the hospital actually seeing results! Of course it’s not completely gone away and I think I’m just going to have to get over the fact that it won’t ever be completely gone but he did such a good job! I am also virtually pain free, which is a complete 180 degree difference from my last surgery. Looks like the worst part about this whole recovery process is going to be dealing with this drain in my face. I wish I would have seen Dr.Waner sooner…I wouldn’t have put myself through all of the aggravation in Boston. What’s done is done though and I am so happy I finally found a doctor to trust with my care. That’s the most important part about having AVM I think. Once you’ve found a doctor that you trust than everything will fall into place!!


thats so good to hear. i hope any other surgery you may have goes just as well if not better. i wish you the best in your recovery.

Thanks hun? And how about you? I tried getting a little bit of your story on your profile…How have things been since the last cat scan?

Just catching up on all my stuff and saw your blog posting. I know I already said “Yeah!” over on Facebook, but still wanted to say “Yeah!” here as well.
And I couldn’t agree with you more. Finding a doctor that you trust is such a huge part of all of this. I’m so very thrilled to hear that Waner is that doctor for you and that things are going well. How long do you have to have the drain???

I just got it pulled out today Shalon! Now I just have to wait three weeks to see him again and see if anyhing else is needed…i can smile again! haha

I agree with you about finding the right doctor. It just makes all the difference in the world to be heard and understood. I am thrilled that your latest surgery went so well. I’m so glad that you don’t have too much pain and hope that you recover well. Stay strong, Christine. Let us know what comes next for you.

Thank you Joy I will definitely keep updating…I go back to see Dr.Waner in 3 weeks…we’ll see what happens!=]