Surgery #2...DONE! Now the CyberKnife

My husband is doing very well after surgery #2 to get more of his once 5in AVM. We're down to about 15% left and the doctors are planning the CyberKnife treatment of the rest. Dr. Steinberg did say that in a couple years, if CyberKnife did not obliterate the rest, my husband may have to have one more surgery, but it would be much easier.

Everyone is very pleased with his progress, and we hope to have him home before Easter. :-)

I want to thank everyone for their positive thoughts and prayers during this challenging time. Thanks for the phone call Patti G! You're awesome! Just knowing there are others who have been through similar situations (if not worse) and came out on top have giving my husband and I tremendous confidence and peace. Thanks to you all!

BIG CONGRATS on Dave’s ongoing success - Yay!!!
Keeping fingers crossed & wishing upon the stars, the Cyber Knife will obliterate the remaining 15%!
Best wishes to you both. :slight_smile:

Super Hurrah!!!!!!

Wonderful news Gail!! All the very best for the GK!