For those of us in the U.S., its Independence Day weekend. (Sorry Brits, but we’re celebrating our independence from you.) Its also mid summer for many of us and it brings to mind many memories.

(In my childhood I lived in Baltimore- famous for steamed crabs in the summer. I can remember getting bushels of them and my 80 year old grandmother gleefully picking away at them. It was the only time she drank beer and her nose used to get so red she looked like Mrs. Claus!) I also used to go “crabbing” with my dad- we’d set crab pots/traps along the shore on the Chesapeake Bay and haul in the catch all morning. (Why, exactly, does one have to get up so early to go fishing? Aren’t the fish up all the time?)

What a difference two years makes- 2 years ago I was in ICU, oblivious to everything. Today, I worked with 3 clients on the phone (actually sounded somewhat intelligent), mowed the lawn and cooked dinner on the grill. It was a great day.

So I took the advice (of whom I cannot remember) and started fish oil tablets today. Since I’ve got blood pressure issues, it can’t hurt. I’d rather eat the salmon straight from the plate, but they are a bit expensive these days.

Its an easy evening. We went to the video store, got some videos and are sitting on the bed watching a horror flick. 3 cats at our feet- life is good.

Hope you all are well.


Hi Brian
I just watched 2 dvd’s back to back with my wee boy Paul, Kung Fu Panda and Spiderwick Chronicles
I also got some fish oil tablets which i will start taking in a couple of weeks befor i start college, so fingers cossed they’ll work. It was Regis who recommended them. Glad you had a good day and happy holidays from UK

I’ve never been crabbing, but I like eating them (as long as someone else gets them out of the shell these days! lol).

My favorite chidhood Independence Day memory is wearing red, white, & blue…barbecues…swirling our sparklers…and of course, the fantastic fireworks!