Summer labor

As excited as I am to finally slack off and relax without being reprimanded in several more weeks for summer, I want to stop feeling so pathetic about being the only one out of my friends who never had or doesn’t have a job. With school ending in a month or two,what are some reasonable jobs for a hemiplegic on a slow-moving ride to recovery? I have been told that a receptionist/secretary would be a good one,but I of course need a simple part-time job over the summer. I wouldn’t want to take away jobs from experienced college graduates,but I think it’s about time I get one!

Hi Jill. You have had a job…a very important one…to regain your health. You just did not get paid for it with money. If worse comes to worse…think about volunteering. Usually animal shelters are in desperate need of help. Good luck with the job hunt!