hi all just giving a quick update on treatment so i had the prodcedure done to glue the spinal avm about 10 days ago now after the surgery i had a bad night where i and the drs thought i had lost use of my legs and bladder function but thankfully since then things have improved starting to do a lot of physio to strenghten legs and get walking again also bladder is working properly the drs seem to think these problems were post surgery swelling which is a great relief they think the surgery went very well and are hoping that when i go back in 3 months for follow up scan they are expecting to find a big reduction in the size of the avm so just recovering now and getting stronger every day

Thank you for sharing the great news, Padraig, and I wish you continual improvement!


I'm really please to hear of your good and improving news. I think were all left for months with out much action. I had another set of MRI, CT and Angiogram last week in prep for my cyber knife june 12. Its being done at cyber knife centre Harley Street london. During the angiogram last week my doc said that the embolisation of the lower AVM at L5 he did on Jan 7 was a complete seal. He mapped the remaining 2 AVM's for the cyber knife to blast as they will do both the same day!
Keep you posted on what I notice or try my blog. Good luck on your rehab!
All the best.