Struggling at work

Feeling worthlessness, recently returned to work after 1 year off after having a seizure in a spa ,two small warning shots that i played down vacant seizures i was told latter by my neurologist, i had my first seizure in a spa with no one around,found on the bottom of the spa by my son,spent 45 days in icu.feeling lost


Gosh! That’s a heck of a close call! You basically drowned in the spa but survived?

I’m not surprised that going back to work isn’t cutting it after that! I’m sure life is much more worthwhile than just going back to work.

What sort of thing do you do for work? For some people work is king and other life takes a bit of a back seat. For others, work is a means to get to the weekend. If you’ve been used to work being king, then maybe re-balancing work and life will help.

Maybe don’t worry about work and use it as the treading water / income time for a real focus on life or family or friends at home.

We’re here with you.



Hi Richard
Thanks for your reply,I work for the ENdeavour Foundation in australia that supports people with a disability, I am a production manager with a staff of 70 supported employees and 10 staff,been back at work for seven days now and feel like i have stepped back 10 years in time,I also have a leaking right valvue in my heart from all the cpr and recieved 10% full thickness burns to my legs and back from cooking on the concrete while cpr was prefromed as well as my drade 3 avm, cheers shea Holdfast

Hey there Shea,
You have been on my mind since seeing your post. Just know that whatever you decide with regards to your job, you have an opportunity to be a source of strength to those around you for as long as you are there. Whether or not they are dealing with their own issue right now, your coworkers will one day face something with their health or another obstacle, and they will remember how you faced this challenge. We know we can’t control what happens to us, but we can make sure it’s not in vain.
We are with you!

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Hi Jaz ,thank you for your concern it is really nice to have a community of caring people around, lasted 3 weeks at work back on leave without pay, I thought it would be best to take some more time out and give myself some more time to think about my life in general and a direction i should travel in ,still no answers yet,at the moments I think life is just laughing at me,but as a skateboarder for 30 years falling over and getting hurt on a daily basis,is part of a skaters life,so to all when things dont go to plan ,start a new plan,and if that plan fails start again Holdfast ps things arnt going to plan, so i need to start a new plan again.