Still Waiting

It’s been a few months since I met with my new neurosurgeon and heard her plan for further treatment. The plan is to get another embolization (only 1/3 was glued during the last embo), and then look into surgery if it doesn’t fully glue the AVM. Unfortunately the hospital I am going to only books two weeks in advanced, and surgery time is determined by urgency. I guess it’s a good thing that they haven’t had me in yet, because that means they must not think I’m in any huge risk. However I can’t help but to be frustrated - waiting is frustrating! Only two more months until I go off to University, and I’m really hoping to get this embolization soon before school starts. Or else I may have an even longer wait.

Since my dizziness/nauseous spell, I've been symptom free. Which, I never ended up going to the doctor for. A few headaches, but since I've been going to bed earlier they are gone.

Sometimes I do freak myself out though. Especially involving my vision. If I see a few spots, or anything abnormal, I go into panic mode. I hate thinking that anything could happen completely out of the blue, especially after my seizure. I guess the waiting is starting to get to my head, and I'm just assuming something is going to happen, since they are waiting so long.

Hope everyone is doing well! I'll be sure to update if anything else comes up, or when my embo is finally booked.

Oh, and as it turns out my parents said they would have gone to the AVM awareness walk in San Francisco... I wish I had asked them about it! Living so far away, I assumed it wouldn't be an option. But now I know, and hopefully I'll be able to come out next year!

Waiting is very frustrating, isn’t it? I hope you can get it scheduled soon so that you can get it over with before school starts!

Hi Becky:

I finanily found a nerosurgen that is talking about glueing. My AVM is inoperable because of where my AVM is situated. I went to Emory in Atlanta and had my anuranism coiled and the AVM treated with Gamma Knife. The anurism has gone away hower the AVM has only shrunk 1cm.

sorry about not completing my. comment. I really want to know as much as possible about this glueing procedure. My appointmet is set for June 28, and I am getting more and more nervious as the day’s pass by. I feel you pain with the waiting game.

Hi Becky,

With everything that you’re going through, I don’t blame you for freaking yourself out…and waiting can be a frustrating thing, especially with a situation as serious as yours. I hope that you’ll get your embo scheduled soon, and that you’ll be well enough to go to college.

Take care,