Startled alot after surgery help

has any one had to deal with this? its seems like every time i hear a loud or unexpected noise it makes me jump like im scared of it. my family seem to find this funny but i dont does this get better with time?

How long ago did you have surgery and what did you have done? If it's pretty recent, I am willing to bet it will get better as your brain heals.

it was 14 months ago i had 2 one to stop the bleed then 2 weeks later to remove my avm

Hi - I'm almost 3 years out and it has gotten better, but I'm still jumpy. I try to know that I'm jumpy and I've told people close to me what might trigger a response. Someone at my old hospital explained that it's pretty common after a huge medical event to have a heightened "fight or flight" instinct. Before I could walk it was worse - I would just grip the seat of my wheelchair and rock vigorously. Now I have a better chance of moving if there is real danger but it helps me to repeat mentally, "I am SAFE," and to do stuff like keep my back against a wall so people don't come up from behind to hug me, take a visual inventory when in a room to see if anything might make a loud noise so I can kind of anticipate it, etc. It's annoying but it's gotten a bit better. It's still very much a part of my life so I just try to prepare a little. bye :) atnt

I to have a lot of sensory issues since my surgery! Its hard to say if it gets better with time or you just get use to it!

I also had severe sensory reactions to noises or even unexpected touches etc. I am now a 35 year survivor of my first AVM, (no paralysis) a 30 year survivor of my second AVM (paralysis & blindness) and a 27 years survivor of my cerebral hemorrhage (believed to be another self-dissolved avm) over the years it has gotten better and better. As you do exercises (therapy) etc. You and your nerves have been through a lot of trauma. I know its easier said than done, but give it time they will settle down. Hang in there I know its time my dad scared me and my left arm whacked him right in the gut!!!!!!!lol :)