Spinal Cord Stimulators

Just out of curiosity.
Has anyone who has / had a spinal AVF used one of those hand held,spinal cord stimulators. They aparantly send electronic pulses into the damaged area of Spinal cord area by holding device against your back, If so, do they actualy help with neuropathic pain. Or are they just a useless snake oil device. I ask this as there not cheap. I know some who have used them, but that was on back disc and muscel problems that they said helped with pain but I know of no one that has used them on pain associated with AVF.
Cheers Mick

What's the brand name, mick? Is it a TENS unit?

Seen one in a chemist in Brissy today, didnt notice the brand but yes, the sales woman said its is a tens unit.
First time i have heard of this type of device.
Cheers mick

I've been offered this by the NHS but it involved it being actually implanted against the cord with a pacemaker style device implanted in the chest to control it. As it was at C3 with many inherent risks attached to the implantation alone I've decided against it for now.