Spinal AVM and speed boats on holiday day

This may seem like a silly question but I go on holiday soon and always love to go on a speedboat ride. I had a suspected bleed in November 2016. My AVM is in my spine and has 3 anarysm. Should I avoid this kind of bumpy ride ?


Hi Amanda, I would certainly ask your Dr. that question. Mine is in the left temporal and I had some similar questions that I asked. It all came down to how much risk I was willing to accept. Anything I do that elevates pressure elevates the risk of a re-bleed. I’m back doing just about everything I did pre bleed, but am totally aware of “feeling”. I was never a scuba diver or sky diver so while I’m willing to accept some risk, I will avoid the really high risk activities.

Hi JD12
Thank you for your reply. I think back to before my diagnosis I still did all these things and nothing happened. Then my suspected bleed , suspected because they have not confirmed it by MRI, I was sitting watching tv when i experienced a terrible headache and as I tried to stand I had sharp pain in my back and legs. This pain fluctuated over a few days then gradually eased off. I have been very scared since to do much that might lead to another attack as Dr has said maybe the stressful time in my life I was going through could be a contributing factor. Dr had said about not doing too much that would shake my head about but said I could still run ? , which I can’t do because of my balance issues anyway. I think this year I might err on the side of caution :blush:Amanda

i have a question my little brother had his on the same side he had a surgery to remove it. hes currently hemiplegic its only been a week were you paralyzed for any period of time?

I was not paralyzed. I did have a number of issues including memory, mostly short term, some long term, and aphasia. My right eye would not dilate or constrict which resulted in significant photo sensitivity. I did show some symptoms of meningitis, unable to turn my head, difficulty bending at the waist. I have mostly recovered, but it is a slow process. I wish all the best to your brother and your family, you’re in my prayers.

Thank you how old are you if you don’t mind me asking

No problem, I’m 49 now and was 48 when I had the bleed. I have two children, 11 and 13, so not a whole lot younger than your brother. The brain is amazing in its ability to adapt, all I’ve leaned and experienced is that it happens slowly. A great book to read is “My Stroke of Insight” by Jill Bolte Taylor and really helped me understand what my brain was going through, although my case was not as severe as hers. No worries on any questions, feel free to fire away if you have any I may be able to provide my AVM experience so far.