Some methods that may help you that have helped me

Hello fellow AVMers,

I wanted to share some things that have helped me get through some really tough times and maybe it may help you too. I do these daily for the past few years and it has not only improved the quality of my life, saved me in some dark times, as well as helped me manifest and achieve my goals and dreams.

  • Guided meditations ( Insight Timer App/ ‘Calm’ App )
  • Positive Affirmations (Writing and Reading them daily)
  • Journaling
  • Breathing exercises (helps get more more oxygen to your brain and helps you relax as well)
  • Taking a freezing cold shower/directing the cold water on your avm. (this helps constrict the blood vessels)
  • Increase my water intake by ALOT! Stay hydrated. Water heals.
  • Decrease or completely eliminate certain drinks and food groups. ( caffiene lots of fatty processed foods, more nutrient dense whole natural foods. )

Please feel free to message me its always nice to talk to someone who can relate as what we have is very rare. Wishing you all the best. Stay positive and optimistic. The higher vibrational frequency you radiate the more blessings and miracles will happen for you.
With love, Yana :hearts::hearts::hearts::hearts:


I can attest to at least some of these! I can also add:

  • yoga

  • walking/jogging (go alone, with friends, or take your dog!)

  • kickboxing (get out your frustration)

  • volunteering


Yes being in nature also!!!

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