So Tired

I had a three day weekend due to Nemo and all I did was sleep. i've always been the type to sleep in on the weekends but as of lately thats all i want to do on my days off. I dont know if its due to my surgery 10 months ago or what...all my blood work is normal. I feel like i dont acomplish anything all my friends dont even bother inviting me to go out bc my answer is no i cant im tired...all i do is work come home relax sleep work the next day. I'm lucky if i get my laundry done bi weekly. :(

Nay fatigue is very common after a craniotomy. I'm almost 5 years out and I still get exhausted quickly. Listen to your body. If you feel tired, rest. There is nothing wrong with sleeping when you need to. Over stimulation can increase fatigue so there is also nothing wrong with not wanting to go out with your friends if it means going to a place with a lot of people, noise, and activity. Perhaps your friends can come see you until you feel more like going out.

Sorry you are feeling so fatigued every day. Keep in mind too that your surgery was only 10 months ago. Maybe your body is still adjusting. You can also try adjusting your diet, taking certain vitamins and food that may give you more energy. Try not to be too hard on yourself Nay. Also, maybe try to keep a log/journal for yourself to see if there are certain events, situations, etc that do in fact make you more tired. Hang in there. You are an amazing survivor:-).

Thanks everyone :) It seems like im always so hard on myself thanks for the reminder i did have 2 embos and a craniotomy geez did i think i would be back to "normal"? yes, i guebss...i will surely listen to my body no shame in that. Guess what tomorrow Valentines day will make 2 yrs since i was dignosed with my AVM..i remember it as it were yesterday. A day that was suppose be full of love and happiness was a day that turned my life upside down.
Debra my second birthday is March 21st it will make 1 full yr since my craniotomy, i get so emotional when i think about it. In my mind i feel like it was something that needed to be taken care of and thats it as scary as it was i really thought ppl had the same mindset as me and that if anyone were in my shoes that they would make the same decision to be healthy and move on. Reality is although my avm is gone ( that will be confirmed on my next mri on feb 22nd), it really never leaves u..u still deal with the emotions,it makes me want to be more involved in learning about avms and help ppl go through their journey.

I just got home from work i think its time for a shower, time with my furry kids then beddy bye. I hope one day i can feel 100% great.. within time !

Has anyone have a EEG reading before? Im going in for one next week but they told me i would go in but would have to return the next morning for then to read what was recorded. Will i look crazy with these thing on my head??? lol

I had an EEG a few months ago to determine if I was having any seizure activity (I wasn't). I didn't get the results right away either. My neurologist discussed them with me at my next appointment. I found the EEG quite relaxing actually. I had a nice little nap. And yes, you will look crazy with those things on your head! No's not like you're going to be on public display. But do take pictures (for posterity!)

over time you'll figure out what works for you, but just remember fatigue is your body way to tell you something. For me, sleep is essential, I had all the bad habits, now i get up same time every day (weekends too), and I try to get 7 hours a night. Normal bloodwork is useless to me as well, I'm trying a naturopath doctor to try to optimize energy. I did add in 2pm protein shake (pea protein or whey protein) that helps me get through the day.

also, i'm trying to turn off my kindle after 10 pm (i'm addicted to it), supposedly the blue light of gadgets throws off your sleep.

Hello Nay. Fatigue is so normal after surgery and it has only been 10mths for you! Be nice to yourself and take it easy. It takes a long time for the brain to heal and you are working too, so just do what your body tells you to do! You won't look funny with those things on your head with the EEG as no one else will see them :) Fortunately for me, I have my EEG, then I see my Neurologist afterwards, so I don't have to wait for the results. Take it easy & all the best!

I felt like that before I knew I had an AVM. I went to all kinds of doctors trying to find out what was wrong with me. People kept telling me," Well you are getting older". I was like I am only in my late 30s not late 80s! But since I have had 2 embolizations and one radiation treatment I have felt a little better. But if I try to do too much I still get wore out but not as often. I think they may be something that everyone will have to deal with if their brains have been messed with at all.