Sleeping issues

iv'e been having such a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep. Its effecting my mood....i use sleeping aids but i still wake up...i tryed relaxing, reading,talking to myself, drinking hot tea etc... ugh! im so annoyed!

Sweetie, my doctor told me I would have a problem with sleeping and yes, I've tried everything as well. Stay strong and's hard that I know!

I have also had a hard time sleeping, but didn't really think it was connected to my AVM. Over the last few months I have found a herbal sleep aid called midnight that has helped me to fall asleep, it doesn't keep me asleep but because it is a herb you can take it in the middle of the night and it wont make it hard to wake up in the morning

Because I change time zones with my job I sometimes use Sleep Right Melatonin. It is a time released version of melatonin. Here is more info on melatonin...

Have you run across the suggestions about staying away from light (even from a computer screen) for an hour or so before bed, avoiding caffeine after noon, getting some exercise earlier in the day?

There's some stuff specifically for people with neuro conditions here:

Since you're getting ready for surgery, it's possibly nerves, so finding someone to talk to about what's coming up, and making sure you're as ready as you can be, may help.

Sleep? ... I've heard of it. LOL
I too have to take something or I don't sleep well at all. I have good luck with "Melatonin". It's all natural and it doesn't have any side effects. I take 6mg 1/2 hour before I want to go to sleep. A friend of mine takes 9mg. My doctor even said it was safe for me to take (I'm over sensitive to all meds). It doesn't "knock you out", it helps you to relaxe and gets you tired enough to fall asleep. Oh.. and I don't wake up groggy either. :)


Hey Na - this runs in my family - I don't surprisingly have that issue right now, but know many relatives and those unrelated who do.

Great to have if you're a night owl AND don't need sleep - LOL!

I've heard that the drug, Ambien, can have some hellish side-effects.

Not big on taking drugs to solve something "natural" and am big on getting enough sleep, I would try exercising (earlier in the day - way before sleep time) and meditating with non-lyric music and dim lights about 1 hour before bedtime. Another thing that I've heard works is clearing your sleep-zone/bedroom of any electronics...and avoid alcohol and food (including caffeine products like chocolate =( ) before snoozing.

If you want the room dark...a cheap way to do it. Go and buy some eyeshades. If you have an Iphone or Ipad there is an app called The Sleep Machine. It plays white noise...waterfalls...sounds of the ocean etc. These sort of things help me relax!

Nortriptylene + turning off t.v. & computer an hour before bedtime has helped me sleep better. My neurologist told me I could read or listen to the radio during that time,but had to turn off the tv & computer to allow my brain to start to relax & slow down for the night. Better sleep means fewer migraines for me. It also makes me less irritable & better able to deal with my students on a daily basis. (I teach 9th grade Special Ed. English & reading.)

Thanks everyone!!!! Sorry for the late mom just had knee surgery...and now a blood clot..been all over the place...u can imagine how many sleep less nights ive had. I really need to relax and calm chest is so heavy with all thats going physically and emotionally drained...i want to cry but im too upset to...the last few days have been bad :/
but thanks again for the replies...i will work on trying the things u have suggested