Since I started Exercising

2 weeks of the jog/walk has been very uplifting for me and I actually enjoy it. I see that I am not so tired or grumpy like I used to be. I am going to stick with it regardless of how I am feeling!This is my goal and I am sticking to it regardless of other things going on around me. It's time to take care of ME! I Want my life back and feel it coming! PRAISE THE LORD! HE'S GIVING ME THE STRENGTH TO DO THIS! GOD BLESS

Glad the jog/walking has been a bleesing to you and that God has blessed you to be able to do this!

Take care,

I'm glad that exercising has worked so well with you. It's work well for me while I was in recovery. I try to keep up with it when I can. I love your positive attitude.

I'm glad your jog/walking routine is working out for you & improving how you feel. :)