Ok, I’m sorry I haven’t updated. The ultrasound on Friday went great the abnormalities in the heart and kidneys were completely GONE!!! Thank you all so much for praying for her to be healthy!!! We got some more cute pictures of her and she was already 3 pounds 9 ounces at 30 weeks. I was so relieved when they said that what they could see of her was perfect! I even cried a little. :slight_smile: With the health problems that I have the last thing I wanted was to have something wrong with our little girl.
We were sitting in the ultrasound room waiting to be seen and my dorky husband was reading a magazine and was sitting there trying to tell me something about a new article where this guy was saying computers were going to take over the human race. Finally I looked at him and said “ok I know your a computer guy and all and that these things are really interesting to you…but dag gone it lets not talk about it and wait to hear about our baby!” lol. He just didnt understand that we were at a big doctors appointment and that I didnt want to sit there and hear about this weirdos views on how computers will eventually take over.
Lol but after we had the ultrasound and when heard everything was fine he finished telling me the story RIGHT where he left off! What a goober.
But I’m happy to say that Madison Elisabeth is a healthy baby girl and just has 8 more weeks of baking in the oven and then she will be here. :slight_smile:

that is great to hear. im so happy she is alright. take it easy these next 8 weeks.

Great News !!!

Your husband sounds like mine LOL LOL

yeah…so happy all the prayers paid off…i have tears of joy rolling down my cheecks what a relief…so happy for you brit

This is wonderful news.


Brittany, such good news. Being this pregnant in the heat of the summer stinks, doesn’t it? Lot of AC for you!!

so, so pleased for you brittany. great, wonderful, fantastic news. have been praying and thinking of you ever since i read your previous news. so happy. enjoy the last 8 weeks now, and take care of yourself. lots love, chrisxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx