She came home

Dear Friends

My wife came home yesterday. She is very happy now. She was in hospital about 4 months or so. Now she can be with the daughter. Her left leg and hand are weak, however she trys to take her leg out when there is a pain.

I thank you all for your sentiments and courage that you gave me during the most difficult time in my life.

I will keep you posted.

What great news ,I am so happy for you all . (MOM IS HOME WITH BABY AND DAD) just what I’ve been waiting to hear .

Krishantha! What wonderful news. I know this was such a difficult time for you guys, especially with the new baby. But how quickly it all passed and how great that she is home with you both. I hope that she continues to get stronger and recover!

great to hear.

That is wonderful news. I hope you have some help for her. She’ll be so tired for a while, I’m sure. But she must be so happy to be home with her baby. I can’t imagine going thru what you both have. You are in my thoughts.

This is such wonderful new, Krishantha! I am so happy for your family! You must have someone take a picture old the three of you together and post it here!

I am so happy for you look forward to chatting to your wife soon

yes… yes…YES…YES…what great news so happy you are all together again…she will only coninue from now on there is only one way things can go…and that is up…to good health…you guys are always in my prayers …love and best wishes xxxxxxx

Fantastic news Krishantha!

Hello Krishantha. I am crying for joy for all of you. What a miracle!
Take it slow and easy. Adjusting and re-acquanting take time, yes??
Please ask for and accept any and all assistance offered and that you can find everywhere…You are all a part of this miracle and deserving of the time, love and peace required to regain balance and find your center(s).
One minute at at a time-one day at at a time. I understand the hard work involved. You are all worthy of the effdrts and successes to come…
Be good to you. Take care of you. You are all in my prayers. I am joyfull for you. Hugs to all.
May God guide, guard and hold you (all) in the palm of His hand as always.