Severity of seizures after 8 years AVM craniotomy

Hello everybody, first Partial Complex seizures, then find AVM in the right temporal lobe, embolisations, craniotomy to removed it, and finally Simple Partial for the rest of my life, ... reason, scar tissue Neuro says. Well, I got used to my Simple Partials (funny/scary feelings once a month), but then 2 years ago Partial Complex, then more Partial Complex and last Saturday my very first scary and painful GRAND MAL. My question for you is, does your seizures had increase or change over time? I been on Lamictal for 8 years, adjusting doses everytime. I have Neuro appointment next month.

Mine have gotten more frequent after my second radiation treatment. Mostly grand mal. One every 1&1/2 months to 2 months. And YES they are very scary. I take Lamictal 400mg a day and Keppra 4000mg a day now. I don't know about if they change after craniotomy or not as I have only had embolisations and the 2 radiation treatments, but I do know that after the 2nd treatment within a week of it I had a bad seizure. I am wondering do you see a neuro doctor that has worked with AVM patients before? I don't think mine has and I was wondering wether to change to another one.But he is right here in town. The last seizure I had I hurt myself and he didn't want to see me just upped my Keppra and said to keep my follow-up appointment on August 28th. The seizure I had was July 8th.

Hello I too suffer from seixures aftrr my avm surgery, but I have noticed changes in my seizures, I had my first grand mal I think at least according to my husband cause it heppened in my sleep and it scares me as I didnt wake up and I dint recall anything while I was asleep. Is thisnormal? as ihave been having focal seizures, for me my syptoms were nausea feeling kind of hot and sweaty and hand trembking, now I have noticed that I zone out I stare into space, my mother has seen it. I am curently on carbmazapine 800mgs a day, when I started on the meds about a year or so ago I wss on 400mgs I dont know if it is helping my neurologist said the meds would prevent grand mals, but now I seem to be having them is tgere hope? I am scared that I will have more and be awake but still not remember that I had one.

My neurologist seems to do with me. She sees me like twice a year and increases my meds. Maybe she hasnt dealt with avms?