Sensory integration light therapy

Has anyone completed sensory integration light therapy? I'm interested in hearing if it was helpful or not. And, if it was helpful did you regress and then get better?

The therapy that I had consisted of 12 day (2-30 minute sessions) at the doctors office and 18 days of light therapy at home. The in-office treatment was lying on this bed that rotated, while starring at different colors of light (each day was different) and listening to sound.

My deficits are worse, but the doctor is theorizing that my vestibular system was partially shutdown over the years to adapt from my hemorrhages and now it is trying to recalibrate to work more correctly.


JC, I'm having a tough time coming up with any medical information on this type of therapy. What kind of doc are you seeing? Thanks.

Hi Tim,
I know, there is not much information out there!

And, here is the doctor

BTW...My Neurosurgeon approved this therapy.


Thanks for the info, JC, I’m always looking for more. I hope it works for you! :slight_smile: