Seizures medicine

Dear all

As mentioned recently i went for follow-up consultation after my MRI scan.

The DR advise me not to take tregetol medicine if i don't have any epilepsy which i do not have that. (The medicine was given by my primary DR).

Sometime i may experienced involuntary muscle movement like finger jerk for a second.

May i know is that consider seizure? Will it develop into serious seizure if i going to cut down dose slowing?

Thanks in advance for any answer.

Desmonil, I’d advise going to a neurologist, and one that specializes in epilepsy (Epileptologist) if possible. They have the knowledge about seizures that your primary care doctor may be lacking. All the best!

I agree with Tim see a neuro who specializes in this
Also add coconut oil to your diet its healthy and it is supposed to help reduce seizures
start with 1 tsp a day and work up to 3 tsp a day
I put it in my coffee or tea and I cook with it
You can also take the pill form

I was on topamax when I first had my stroke but I guess I was having seizures before my stroke
But the topomax was keeping me asleep so they took me off but my husband put me on coconut oil and more of a paleo diet which I know epileptic people also do and I finally started to get better with my memory and brain damage caused by my massive stroke


I also agree with Tim, it requires a specialist the brain is complicated, and everyone tolerates medicine differently.